June 30, 2011

Lucas' Scrapbook

Here are just a few of my completed pages!  I will post more later!  

Title Page

All About Mommy and Daddy.  I will be putting information about each of us in the purple spots and put individual pictures of us in the 2 greens spaces.
 I can talk.  I will be writing in his first 8 words in each of the bubbles, along with when he said it.  The middle spot is for a picture of him.

 Merry Christmas

  Belly Pictures will go in each of these spots.

June 28, 2011

Nesting via scrapbooking...

I have been feeling more intensely the urge to prepare for Lucas' arrival.  Since the nursery isn't quite ready to be put together yet and I can't really wash clothes and prepare his room, I have turned to scrapbooking.  After spending way too much money on paper and supplies, I am almost done with 10 pages of Lucas' first year scrapbook.  It has everything from his family tree to baby's first holidays to his 1st birthday.  I even have a page for Daisy and Lucas!  :)  I will start posting pictures of each page so that you can see how wonderful the nesting bug can be!  haha!  I like feeling motivated to get it done, but sometimes just wish I could focus on something else...

June 15, 2011

29 Weeks Belly Pictures

Only a little over 10 weeks before Lucas is expected to make his grand entrance!  I've been running behind on posting pictures of my baby belly but here is what it looks like today!  Getting bigger and rounder each day! 

June 11, 2011

Gearing Up for Lucas

As you can see from this picture of our beautiful puppy, we're all gearing up for Lucas' arrival.  Daisy likes wearing his fire helmets and sniffing all of his new clothes that we bring home.  Mom has been shopping at lots of yard sales, finding some really great deals!  We've found piles of great baby clothes, a nice stroller, a potty chair, and tons of firefighter steals!  I'm super excited!  Now, if only I had a place to put all of our great finds...

Although the living room and nursery are slowly making progress, I'm getting more and more nervous that we won't have it done in time for Lucas' arrival.  Right now, the guys have completely torn out the old plaster on the walls and ceiling and have taken over five trips to the dump with all the plaster.  The walls are down to the studs and the nursery is almost completely insulated and wired.  The french doors will be put into the living room on June 25th.  Grandpa Algie is helping Trav and Bill with it so that it gets put in correctly.  ;)  Love you, Travis!  Then, we can get the living room insulated and wired and start putting up drywall.  Travis said at that point, it's all uphill... It shouldn't take too long to get done.  Woohoo!  Super excited! 

Along with the house preparations, I have also been continually updating our Target baby registry, assuring that the items on it are perfect.  It's like I think they're going to change or something... :)  I'm super looking forward to the baby shower, too!  It's on July 9th.  That seems so far away, but I know it will come quickly.  I can't believe it's already been over 6 months since we first found out that we were expecting!  Time is really flying!  Back to the shower.. haha!  We addressed the invites today and Aunt Molly told me her plans for the shower.  It's going to be a blast!  Danielle is in charge of planning the games and we laughed hysterically today at some ideas she found online.. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my more introverted shower guests play the games!  :)  And I'm, of course, super excited about getting fabulous gifts for Lucas!  He's going to be such a spoiled little man!

My midwife is also gearing me up.  She has given me tasks throughout my pregnancy, like finding a pediatrician and reading about breastfeeding.  But since I just started my third trimester, my appointments are every 2 weeks now.  Although he is completely healthy as far as we can see, it is just that time of my pregnancy where the appointments get closer together.  I really enjoy meeting with Amy, so I'm glad that I get to see her so often.  I'm starting to get more comfortable with her and am really looking forward to having her deliver Lucas! 

Mommy can't wait to meet you baby!  <3