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My name is Alicia and  I specialize in being a wife, a mom, and a nonprofit leader.  I married my high school sweetheart, Travis in 2010 and we are blessed to have a precious son, Lucas, and our cute dog, Daisy.  Travis and I grew up four houses down from each other and dated since my Sophomore year of high school, when he asked me if I would "go to prom with him, and umm, maybe, umm, date."  We are very blessed to have our loving families, church community, and awesome friends.  I love to read books about leadership and nonprofit management and started a nonprofit in 2011 with my best friend, Danielle, called Family Outreach Community Center.  I thrive on staying busy and always moving, but I do enjoy a nice book, a cup of coffee, and a quiet evening.  Travis and I are 'living like no one else now so that we can live like no one else later' meaning that we are working extra hard now in order to pay off debt and become debt free, therefore allowing us to save and give like crazy later.  To learn more about our adventure, go here!  :)  I passionately love Jesus and walk everyday in hopes that others around me will see Him through me and ask me what I have that makes me so happy.  I believe that in life, we either progress and move forward or regress and move  backwards.  I choose to always move forward; deepening my relationship with Christ, strengthening my bond with Travis, and each move being full of purpose.  Feel free to follow me as I take this journey through life!  Thanks for visiting and God bless you!

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A Few Random Facts Just Because I Can:
- I'm 5'2"
- I'm an only child
- I loved PJ Sparkles as a child
- My dad is a drug addict and has been to prison twice
- I have always had a family dog
- I secretly stalk Dave Ramsey's website and social media.. ;)
- I love the smell of gasoline, especially alcohol at the race track
- I have three tattoos

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