December 30, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 has been a very significant year!  Here is a review of 2011:

December 24, 2010: Found out we were expecting our first baby!

April: Traveled to LA for my VISTA training.  Rode in an airplane for the first time- and was 5 months pregnant!  :)

 May: Received my Monmouth College diploma!

June: Had the grand opening for Family Outreach Community Center.

June 18th: Kelsi was welcomed into our family as she married Randy!  Travis had a bit too much free beer at the reception.. ;)

June 24th: Stood by Alicia as she married her best friend!

Became licensed as an EMT-B. 

Made a complete first year scrapbook for Lucas.

Gutted two rooms in our house to prepare for Lucas.  Finished our living room in November and we're still working on Lucas' room. 

Went to Indianapolis to watch the last Haste the Day concert.  

Had our first baby, Lucas, on August 4th.

Lucas was a cow for Halloween.  Travis was a golfer off of CaddyShack and I was the cheerleader from SNL.  

Celebrated our 23rd birthdays.

January 1st, 2012: Travis, Ed, and the guys are going to watch the 49ers play in St. Louis.

December 21, 2011

DIY's I Want to Try

Of course, I found all of these wonderful creations on Pinterest, so follow me to see the specific websites to create these projects!

Greeting Card Holder

 Button Tree on Canvas- Actually making as a Christmas gift this year!

Want to make these for Halloween next year!

Lost sock board!  We need this badly!

Weekly outfit box for Lucas' clothes.. what a fabulous idea!

December 20, 2011

Teething Helpers

Lucas has started teething, so I went online in search of some teething solutions for my poor little man.  I figure there are more moms out there that could benefit from my research so here are some ideas that I found online:

1. A baby sock knotted on the end with an ice cube inside
2. A net teether with partly frozen fruit inside
3. Cold, wet washcloth
4. homeopathic teething tablets (Hylands)
5. The amber necklace
6. Fill pacifier with water and freeze
7. Cut a washcloth in strips and tie a big knot in the middle to avoid him taking in too much.  Freeze them.

Another Bawling Session...

So I heard another song today that brought me to tears.  Steven Curtis Chapman sings in his song "All I Want" about a little child who only wants a family for Christmas.  Powerful song!  Here are the lyrics:

Well I don’t know if you remember me or not
I’m one of the kids they brought in from the home
I was the red-haired boy in an old green flannel shirt
You may not have seen me – I was standing off alone
I didn’t come and talk to you, ‘cause that’s never worked before
And you’ll prob’ly never see this letter anyway
But just in case there’s something you can do to help me out
I’ll ask you one more time

All I really want for Christmas
Is someone to tuck me in
A shoulder to cry on if I lose
Shoulders to ride on if I win
There’s so much I could ask for
But there’s just one thing I need
All I really want for Christmas is a family

Well I guess I should go ahead and tell you now
If it’s really true about that list you have
Somehow I always seem to end up in a fight
But I’m really trying hard not to be bad
But maybe if I had a brother or a dad to wrestle with
Well, maybe they could teach me how to get along
And from everything I’ve heard
Sounds like the greatest gift on earth would be a mom

All I really want for Christmas
Is someone to tuck me in
A shoulder to cry on if I lose
Shoulders to ride on if I win
There’s so much I could ask for
But there’s just one thing I need
All I really want for Christmas

Is someone who’ll be there
To sing me “Happy Birthday”
For the next 100 years
And it’s OK if they’re not perfect
Well, even if they’re a little broken, that’s alright
‘Cause so am I

Well, I guess I should go
It’s almost time for bed
And maybe next time I write you
I’ll be at home

‘Cause all I really want for Christmas
Is someone to tuck me in
Tell me I’ll never be alone
Someone whose love will never end
Of all that I could ask for
Well, there’s just one thing I need
All I really want for Christmas
All I really want for Christmas is a family

Just a family

That’s all I really need

December 2, 2011

Family Matters

Day 1: I called Aunt Molly on my way home from work last night and we had a short chat about Lucas, Christmas, the house, and work.  She is going to be at Mom's tomorrow, so we're going to go and visit her.  Lucas will enjoy seeing Aunt Mo and Uncle Andy!  :)

Day 2: I text Grandma Pence and Ed to see if they would like to come over one night next week for dinner.  They are coming either on Thursday or Friday!  I am excited to show them the new room and to just spend time with them!  Since they are farther away (but still close enough for distance to not be an excuse) we don't spend as much time with them as we should and would like to.  They are wonderful people and make us laugh, so I am aiming to get closer with them in 2012!

December Days of Devotion

I have the desire to use this Christmas-time to restore and deepen relationships, to encourage friends and family, and to be a better woman.  Therefore, I have developed the December Days of Devotion.  Each day in December, I will do a simple act in order to to accomplish this goal.  Here are my December Days of Devotion: 

Thursday, December 1: Call Aunt Molly just to say hi
Friday, December 2: Invite Pence’s to come over for dinner
Saturday, December 3: Text Alicia and set up a lunch date
Sunday, December 4: Go caroling with SCC
Monday, December 5: Write and send Rady’s a letter
Tuesday, December 6: Smile at everyone you see today
Wednesday, December 7: Send Dad a Christmas card
Thursday, December 8: Let Travis relax tonight
Friday, December 9: Tape candy canes to an ATM today
Saturday, December 10: Text Rachel and set a time to scrap together
Sunday, December 11: Send Mom a Christmas card
Monday, December 12: Spend all afternoon making gifts
Tuesday, December 13: Spend the morning hanging out with Danielle
Wednesday, December 14: Have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party at church
Thursday, December 15: Give a candy cane to each operation backpack child
Friday, December 16: Spend the whole time playing with Josh after school
Saturday, December 17: Add a note of encouragement and appreciation to Grandma Pence’s Christmas gift
Sunday, December 18: Make cookies for FOCC board meeting
Monday, December 19: Write a letter to Bev Brent and give it to her
Tuesday, December 20: Go to Wyatt’s Christmas concert
Wednesday, December 21: Go visit an elderly neighbor
Thursday, December 22: Sleep in!
Friday, December 23: Read the Christmas story in the Bible
Saturday, December 24: Text Lyndsay and Ashley and tell them Merry Christmas
Sunday, December 25: Rub Travis’ head for awhile and give him a massage
Monday, December 26: Take the day off and enjoy some ‘me’ time
Tuesday, December 27: Make a trip to ‘Hopefully Yours’
Wednesday, December 28: Play with Lucas and his new toys
Thursday, December 29: Send a thank you
Friday, December 30: Spend 10 minutes in prayer today- write them if needed
Saturday, December 31: Wish 10 people a happy New Year through text