May 31, 2011

I love You, Travis

You work hard all day, painting cars while cheering up your coworkers.  You work hard to provide me with all I need.  You call me during the day just because you know I like it when you do.  You are passionate about our marriage and are willing to work hard to make it succeed.  You always encourage me, even when my plans and ideas are silly.  You love God.  You look forward to being a great dad and teaching Lucas about how to be a good man.  You laugh at me and get me to laughing at myself.  You paint my toenails because I'm too fat to bend over.  :)  You try your best to understand me.  You're sympathetic when I've had a bad day and are always willing to listen to me vent.  You never quit anything you have started.  You look for the positive in everything and everyone.  You never judge others based on first impressions.  You come home after long days at work and work some more on our house and lawn. 

Travis, I am SO proud to be your wife!  Thank you for all you do!  I LOVE YOU! <3

May 27, 2011


Outside my window: The neighbor's fencing laying against my fence.  We have a new neighbor fixing up the house next to ours.  He's a strange man and even has a huge metal spider laying outside.  Weird!  It's a beautiful day, though; The sun is shining and birds are chirping.  I love the thought of summer!

I am thinking: I need to get in the shower.  Lately, I have been absolutely exhausted and have really enjoyed sleeping in.  So here I am at 2:30 in the afternoon, still in my pajamas and unshowered, working from home.

I am thankful for: My loving, supportive husband.  I was so terribly cranky last night and Travis knew it right away.  He snuggled with me and allowed me to fall asleep really early.  Thanks hunny!  <3

I am creating: A list of pages that will be in Lucas' scrapbook.  I plan to buy some items this weekend to start the scrapbook next week!  I will hopefully have it all put together so all I have to do when he is born is stick pictures in it. 

I am going: We are completely out of food in our house!  :)  Hopefully I will be going grocery shopping tonight with the hubby! 

I am hoping: I am hoping that I can find motivation to get stuff done next week.  Like I said before, I have been super tired over the past couple of days and therefore haven't gotten too much accomplished.  After my blood glucose test yesterday, my stomach felt yucky and all I could manage to do was take a nap and lounge around.  Please pray for God to give me strength and motivation! 

Around the house: Our house is more of a disaster than I have ever seen it!  The living room has lathe and plaster chunks covering the floors and there is dust everywhere.  I need to be patient, though.  I know it will come together sooner or later!  :)

A few plans for the weekend: Tomorrow I am going yardsaling in the morning with Mom and Grandma, we are celebrating Grandpa Pence's birthday in the afternoon and are going to the Avon races in the evening.  Hopefully rain doesn't disrupt our plans!  Sunday is Memorial Day so we are going to Aunt Molly's for supper!  Busy but relaxing weekend.

May 24, 2011

Nerves at 26 Weeks

It's amazing that we only have a little over 13 weeks until our little man is due!  I am getting nervous about not having much yet.  The baby shower is set for July 9 and I will hopefully get many necessary items, like the car seat, stroller, crib, diapers, and other important items!  I'm more worried about not having the nursery done before Lucas arrives.  Although I know that he will be sleeping in our room for awhile after he's born and won't care if it's not done right away, I think it just stresses me out that we are pushing it so close to his arrival.  I know, however, that Trav has been working diligently on getting it ready.  I'm SO proud of him for how hard he has been working!  I love my hubby!  :)  I think I may just be 'nesting' or whatever it is called.. working hard so that everything is ready for Lucas to arrive.  Although I know it's just silly, I fear for early arrival, hoping that he goes full-term.  Today, I had my blood glucose test.  I had to drink a syrupy fruit punch drink and get my blood drawn an hour later.  My results should get back tomorrow.  I'm nervous about the results since diabetes runs in our families and Mom had gestational diabetes.  But I know that we will be fine no matter the results.  Our safety is in God's hands and I need to learn to trust Him to provide for and protect little Lucas.  Please pray for my ability to remain relaxed and stress-free over the next few weeks!

May 19, 2011

Monmouth College, How I Love Thee

 The Monmouth College emblem during baccalaureate looked so beautiful.  The organist played so wonderfully and I cannot describe to you the amazing atmosphere throughout the service.  Monmouth College has meant so much to me over the past few years and I am thankful for all the professors and staff that have helped me develop into the woman I am today. 

 Walking across the stage and shaking President Ditzler's hand was a very exciting moment for me.  Chris Johnson, our registrar behind me, said that Lucas graduated first though since he is in front of me!  :) 

Me and my proud hubby!  Thank you Travis for always encouraging me and pushing me to get my homework done!  :)  PS.. He's smiling in this picture only because I'm grabbing his butt!  Haha!