My Beliefs & Values

Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior.  I have sinned.  Christ died in my place and will stand up on my behalf so I can gain access to an eternity with my Creator.

In life, we either progress or regress; we can choose to either move forward or backwards, there is no standing still.  I choose to continue to grow and develop. 

God had a plan for my life when He created me.  My goal is to live my life in a way that glorifies and pleases Him.

I never know what kinds of things other people around me have been through; therefore, I will greet everyone I meet with a smile and a kind word to encourage and inspire them. 

God will bless my family if we first put our complete trust in Him.  If we trust Him to take care of us financially and tithe regularly, He will therefore see our faith and bless us accordingly.  If we don't trust Him to keep us safe and well, it will not happen. 

I have sinned.  You have sinned.  I forgive myself.  I forgive you. 

It's alright to cry; God gave us tear ducts for a reason. 

God gave me Travis and our marriage is centered on Christ.  I trust him to make decisions for our family and to lead Lucas and I.  God has called Godly men to lead ones home well. 

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