January 31, 2011

18" of snow is a third of my height...

The weatherman is calling for a major winter storm tonight and tomorrow- 12 to 18" of the white mess!  I have made a very profound discovery with this amount of snowfall; I am only 62" tall, therefore, I will be walking in snow that's a third of my height!  And yes- I said profound!  haha  I don't remember the last time this amount of snow fell in Western Illinois.  My lovely hubby seemed to know the exact date of snowfall this bad- because it was on the same day as a 49ers playoff game in some year that I don't remember now!  That's weird how guys can remember things based on other events- especially sports games.  :)  Anyways, I'm praying that people take it slow on the roads or even just stay home instead of getting out and driving.  Why is our society set up in such a way that people would risk wrecking in order to get to work and accomplish tasks?  Why can't we be a more family-focused, relaxing society where people are allowed to stay home when it's bad out, in order to remain completely safe?  Our society is so driven to succeed and meet deadlines that one snow day would throw off their schedules for months.  Insane in my own opinion!  Amen to snow days!!  :)

January 28, 2011

And the lists continue..

For those of you who know me well, you understand my OCD-like lists and organization.  And now, with what I like to call my "baby brain," or my forgetfulness, it is more important than ever to keep lists- on sticky notes, in documents on the computer, sometimes both so I have a double copy if I forgot where the first list was!  :)  I am trying to come up with a list of all of the wonderful things that I must do before our little one decides to arrive.  Although I know that I still have months to tackle my list, I tend to procrastinate majorly.  Therefore, here is the start of my list (feel free to add as you see fit): 

- Drywall, paint, and get the nursery ready
- SHOP!  Duh!  :)  For baby items, maternity clothes, and diapers
- Train Daisy to listen to our commands better!  Silly puppy!  (Side note- she chewed up my Bible last week!  Will post pictures later!)
- Take a much needed relaxation weekend
- Get a video camera
- Find a daycare provider.. When do I start that?!
- Start a scrapbook, where I can just stick pictures of Baby Pence in later

And the list goes on and on... :)

January 25, 2011

A Sneaky God

Sometimes God directs me in ways that simply stop me in my tracks and make me laugh.  He can be quite sneaky- knowing exactly what I need, but allowing me to fail on my own first.  He knows every little thing about me, yet I try to rely on my own talents and strengths to make decisions.  Why?  Major life decisions are so easy to fret over and should be decided upon with careful planning and pros & cons lists, right?!  Maybe instead of trying to think through decisions, I should get on my knees and go to the One who knows exactly how my life will pan out!  With lots of prayer, and even allowing other people to pray for me, I think my next major decision will be the right one!  God, thank you for guiding me but also allowing me to realize some things on my own- like the simple fact that I need you to guide me!  :) 

January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Remember the childhood days when a day off of school because of snow meant sledding down huge hills and making snow angels with friends?  A snow day as an adult is comprised of completing household chores and changing around work plans.  As I drove through almost 3 inches of snow this morning, I kept asking myself whether the long drive to work was worth the risk.  After a 15 minute drive turned into nearly 40, I arrived at the conclusion that turning back would be in my best interest!  So here I am, in my cozy home, preparing myself for the pile of dishes in my sink and the great deal of work that I should accomplish.  God bless the people that must be on the roads this morning.