February 1, 2012

Worst Parent of the Day Award

Wow!  What a ridiculous day to say the least!  Let's start from the beginning... I have been sick for a little over a month now with sinus and cold issues.  I'm always too stubborn to go to the doctor right away, in hopes that the sickness will go away on its own.  Yesterday, I decided to give in and go get checked out since it has only gotten worse.  Come to find out, I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. He put me on antibiotics, which always mess up my body.  They make me extra tired and upset my stomach greatly. 

That's where today starts.  I could not force myself to get out of bed this morning.. I am SO sleepy and feel like I didn't sleep at all.  And my ears hurt, yuck!  :(  When I finally decided to look at the clock, it was 8:30!  I had to be to work at 8:00- I must have turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze.  No big deal though.. I didn't have scheduled clients or volunteers this morning.  I get up, pack Lucas' diaper bag, put chicken for supper tonight in the crockpot, get Lucas and I dressed, and head to work. 

Lucas started grumpy around 9:45, so I go to make a bottle.  That's when my day takes a plunge for the worse!  I realized that I had not packed a bottle!  :)  LOL!  I just laugh.  I then pack Lucas up and drive back home, which is luckily only 10 miles.  It actually turned out well because I got to check the chicken and see if my W2 was in our mailbox. 

I just keep smiling and remind myself that life could be FAR worse than this.  These are just the small struggles.  As long as I continue to have a positive attitude, I know that I can handle anything that I am faced with.  God is on my side and will see me through rough mornings!  :)  Have a great day friends!

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