October 31, 2013

November Blog Challenge

  1. Goals for next month
  2. Something you feel strongly about
  3. bullet your whole day
  4. your favorite outfit
  5. 5 quotes you love
  6. How you've changed in the last two years
  7. 10 things about you that people won't expect
  8. Your wish list
  9. 2 emotions that describe your life
  10. 5 places you want to visit
  11. your nicknames
  12. a photo of your from 10 years ago
  13. a picture of the town you grew up in
  14. a picture of the town you live in now
  15. Use the letters in your name to spell out characteristics
  16. a picture of your room
  17. last movie you saw in theater
  18. your favorite season and why
  19. top 5 dream jobs
  20. one thing you're excited for
  21. If you had $10,000 and had to spend it tomorrow, what would you buy?
  22. favorite hobby
  23. 10 favorite songs
  24. favorite recipe
  25. your favorite place to eat
  26. what makes you different from everyone else?
  27. describe your marriage
  28. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  29. the year you were born
  30. your hopes for your future

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