March 22, 2012

Kitchen Utensil Sensory Box

I have been researching early childhood developmental activities as it is my mission as a parent to teach Lucas well in the home before he gets to school.  With a little help from friends at, I created a hands-on-parenting workbook, full of lessons and ideas that I want to do with Lucas before he goes to school.  One of the many things that I feel will stimulate him and peak his curiosity is sensory bins. 

Due to him only being 7 months old, I don't feel he is quite ready for regular sensory bins due to chocking hazards.  Today I gave him a kitchen utensil sensory box, filled with tupperware, spoons, bowls, and measuring cups.  He really loved the new textures and spent a good hour with his newly found treasures.  He's teething right now, so really enjoyed chewing on the rubber spatula, as you can see from the picture.  More sensory boxes will be in his future! 

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