April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

I have committed for the month of April to do some deep cleaning and organizing.  To make it more manageable, I have created a Spring cleaning and organizing list by each day of the month.  For the next 30 days, I will focus on one messy or dirty spot in our house to get organized and cleaned.  I've told Travis to keep me accountable to this list, as it is important for my sanity to get our lives organized!  Here is my list:
  1. File Safe (Completed today!!)
  2. Bathtub/Toilet
  3. Bookcase
  4. Top of Dressers/Nightstands
  5. Scrapbook Stuff
  6. Baby Clothes In Totes
  7. Mirrors
  8. Kitchen Counters/Table Tops
  9. Bathroom Sink
  10. Microwave
  11. Bedding/Blankets
  12. The Car
  13. Windows
  14. Floors
  15. Fridge
  16. Pantry
  17. Upstairs Yardsale Stuff
  18. Desk/File Cabinet
  19. Dust Everything
  20. Kitchen-Above Cabinets
  21. Stove/Range
  22. Under Kitchen Sink
  23. Upstairs Boxes
  24. Back Entryway
  25. Upstairs Kitchen Stuff
  26. Make Mail Station
  27. Kitchen Cupboards & Drawers
  28. Movies Upstairs
  29. Diaper Bag/Purses
  30. Laundry/Make Up Day for Any Days Missed!
I'm really motivated to get organized, as I feel our lives will be less stressful!  Please pray for my motivation to stay up as I go through this process.  I will try to take before and after pictures as I complete projects!  

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