April 12, 2012

In 20 Years..

These are my hopes, dreams, desires, and prayers for our lives 20 years from now...

Lucas will be in college and will be a dedicated Christian man who treats women well.  Hopefully we would have adopted a daughter and raised her to know that we and her Heavenly Father love her dearly.  Travis and I will be 43 and living a healthy life.  Travis will be running his own auto body shop and I will be working in a position that serves our community.  Our beautiful puppy Daisy will have passed and although we will always love our first family dog, we will probably have another retriever.  We will be living in the country in our dream home that we built, with a racetrack in the big back yard.  We will be completely debt free and on our way to being millionaires when we retire, and giving to individuals who are less fortunate will be our normal. 

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