June 13, 2012

Orders Out My Ears...

Travis and I recently bought the equipment and materials to start selling vinyl wall art.  We have done a couple for friends and family and they turned out really nicely, so we took our product to Facebook.  Today, I have been back and forth talking with customers all day!  This 'business' is really beginning to take off!  We have 5 orders to complete tonight and deliver by Friday and we have quite a few other potential customers interested in special orders!  This is way exciting!  Our plan from the start was to keep our prices low so customers would keep coming back.  Last week, we started our first $5 Deal, where we have a special wall art design for just $5 plus tax and it comes in only one size and they can order in two colors.  It has been a huge hit!  And it's keeping me super busy!  Yay for starting a small business!  Please pray for us as we go forward with this.  God bless,

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