August 23, 2012

Second Round of Antibiotics

I took Lucas in for his one year checkup today, fully expecting shots and a healthy bill of approval from Dr. Larson.  Lucas woke up a bit grumpy this morning and his runny nose that he has had for a few weeks was oozing green.  Those symptoms, along with his coughing on the 30 minute ride to the Dr. office, made me think that something was up.  I didn't even have to mention it to Dr. Larson, though, before she noticed it and asked me how long he had been sick.  Come to find out, he has another round of double ear infection!  :(  I win the bad mom of the week award for not noticing that he is sick!!  He hasn't been all that fussy, though.  He's sleeping great and eating fine.. just the runny nose was all I had noticed.  Poor guy!  So, here we go again with another round of antibiotics.  Please pray that his body takes it better this time and that he is back to his normal crazy self soon.  I'm working from home this afternoon, due to the daycare's policy of having at least two doses of antibiotics before coming back.  I have lots on my to-do list for work, since we have our Walks right around the corner.  Please pray for my sanity in the coming weeks!  :)  To wrap this post up, I want to give a huge shout out to Grandma Sharon- "Happy birthday!!"  We love you Granny!  Have a wonderful day, all! 
God bless,

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