August 25, 2012

Let's Go Racing

Picture by Brittany Brunswig
The smell of alcohol fuel, the fresh air, the powder of dirt you receive as the cars pass by, the bonds of friendship; tonight we spend another wonderful evening at Avcom Park Speedway.  Travis and I assist each night by flagging and scoring, respectively.  I thoroughly enjoy spending the evening at the track and we are so blessed to have these great men and women in our lives to laugh and have fun with.  Why, you ask, do you enjoy racing?  What's so great about a bunch of cars making left hand turns?!  So, let me explain why we love dirt track racing:

- Drivers are in a constant battle not only to beat others, but to beat their personal best.  Drivers are constantly working to improve things on their car and improve their skill.  Again, back to my theory that you either progress or regress.. :)
- The bond between the men in our club is fantastic.  At some tracks, of course, it's all about money, prestige, and beating everyone at all costs.  Not in our club, though.  The men truly get to know each other and are willing to help out their buddies.  It's all for good, competitive fun.
- Racing is a hobby that can get the whole family together.  I can't wait until Lucas is old enough to get out in the garage to fix cars with Daddy.  I'm sure we will spend many evenings together engaging in racing, whether that's fixing cars or at the track cheering on our favorite drivers. 
- Racing is a competitive sport which lasts past your high school and college years.  You can start racing at a young age, like many sports; but you can continue racing cars into your fifties and sixties, if you desire. 
- It's such a thrill!  Our race cars come around the front stretch of our fifth-of-a-mile track and can be a matter of inches from each other, going 60-70 mph.  How exhilarating! 

If you still don't believe me in that racing is the best sport around, get out there and see for yourself.  Go to a race; experience the sounds, the cars, and race day for yourself! 

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