November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 4

Today I am so thankful for my bestie!  We share so many similarites but are also so different.  I'm open and immodest while she's more private and modest.  I'm often loud and outgoing while she's often quiet and reserved.  But we're both givers and love Jesus passionately.  We both have a heart for hurting people and try our hardest to be wonderful wives and moms.  We are both deep thinkers, which sometimes gets us into trouble as we think deeper about some situations than we need to.  :-)

We spur one another on, smack the other in the face with gentle honesty, and listen to each other with a loving passion for the other's opinions and desires. 

I am so blessed to have this amazing woman in my life and thank God everyday for bringing us together!  I love you, Danielle! 

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