April 21, 2013

Parenting Realization

Lucas is an absolute joy; he has such a fun, crazy personality and is full of energy.  He's so curious and ready to learn.  He's such a blessing in my life and I am so proud to be his mom.  But sometimes, Lucas is difficult.  And as he's getting into his second year, I am definitely understanding the "terrible twos."  He's so independent and wants to do everything his way and on his terms.  Sometimes, it's hard to not view him as a hassle, instead of the blessing he really is.  And my attitude toward him can quickly turn to just pointing out all the "nos" rather than engaging him and guiding him and really helping him blossom.

I have been thinking and praying a great deal about our parenting, as Lucas enters this new stage in his life.  And I have come to the realization that I need to start viewing Lucas as a flower; a flower doesn't develop and bloom by being yelled at or by its' owner being impatient.  Flowers bloom when you purposely and patiently nurture it.  So, I'm going to focus more on how I respond to Lucas, in a more purposeful and patient way.  I need to work on me and the way I respond to him first, and hopefully he will therefore learn how to better handle his frustrations as a toddler.

I have also discovered that he needs more quality time with his mama.  His love language is most certainly quality time and in the past, I have not focused on providing him with enough quality time.  Even on nights and days when we are together, I'm not all that purposeful about getting down to play with him and be on his level.  I'm always getting work done or working around the house or busy some other way, not being intentional in spending time with him.  So, I am going to focus more on providing him with this time he so craves.

Travis and I have made a decision to start being WAY more purposeful in what we say to him and do with Lucas.  Please pray for us as we learn to be more effective parents for Lucas.  

God is teaching me to slow down and savor my time.  Savor my time with Him... Savior my time with Travis... Savior my time with Lucas....  Thank you God!  

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