April 23, 2015

These Past Five Years...

April 24, 2010: Travis and I committed ourselves to each other in front of our friends, family, and God

May 2010: We purchased our home

2010: I co-founded Family Outreach Community Center

December 2010: We discovered we're expecting

May 2011: I received my Bachelor Degree

August 2011: Lucas was born

2012: Travis started our vinyl business, Lightning Designs

February 2013: I was diagnosed with brain cancer

June 2014: I finished all my cancer treatments and chemo and claimed CANCER FREE!

April 24, 2015: Today, we celebrate five years of  marriage and ten years of dating!  WOW!  These past five years have truly been a rollercoaster!  We got married, purchased a home, both started small businesses, had a child, graduated college, beat cancer, and have grown so much!  We've had our joys and our struggles, peaks and valleys.  We found each other as two na├»ve kids and are growing into Godly adults.  I'm so proud of the man he is, and I am beyond blessed to be his wife!  I'm looking forward to the next many many more years of marriage!!  I love you babe!!

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