May 23, 2015

God's Grace

I woke up this morning feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and grace.  Something was just right.  Travis laid next to me, Lucas was still asleep, the sun was shining, and the birds chirped outside.  I'm so grateful today for God's peace that's surrounding me.

Then it made me realize that it was simply a choice that I had made.  I woke up telling myself that it was going to be a good day.  I, ME, ALICIA... I have the power and choice each day to have either a good day or a bad day.  Yes, bad things may happen.  People might make me mad or hurt me.  Traffic might upset me.  My shoes might be missing.  But I have a CHOICE, every single day.

I'm going into a situation tonight where I might deal with people who tick me off.  And I'm reminded this morning that I have a choice of how I respond.  I can either respond negatively or show them grace.  Today, I will choose the same peace and joy that I felt this morning.  I am determined to have a wonderful day!

What about you?!  How do you respond to life, on days when it's hard to remember God's grace and peace?

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