January 31, 2011

18" of snow is a third of my height...

The weatherman is calling for a major winter storm tonight and tomorrow- 12 to 18" of the white mess!  I have made a very profound discovery with this amount of snowfall; I am only 62" tall, therefore, I will be walking in snow that's a third of my height!  And yes- I said profound!  haha  I don't remember the last time this amount of snow fell in Western Illinois.  My lovely hubby seemed to know the exact date of snowfall this bad- because it was on the same day as a 49ers playoff game in some year that I don't remember now!  That's weird how guys can remember things based on other events- especially sports games.  :)  Anyways, I'm praying that people take it slow on the roads or even just stay home instead of getting out and driving.  Why is our society set up in such a way that people would risk wrecking in order to get to work and accomplish tasks?  Why can't we be a more family-focused, relaxing society where people are allowed to stay home when it's bad out, in order to remain completely safe?  Our society is so driven to succeed and meet deadlines that one snow day would throw off their schedules for months.  Insane in my own opinion!  Amen to snow days!!  :)

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