January 25, 2011

A Sneaky God

Sometimes God directs me in ways that simply stop me in my tracks and make me laugh.  He can be quite sneaky- knowing exactly what I need, but allowing me to fail on my own first.  He knows every little thing about me, yet I try to rely on my own talents and strengths to make decisions.  Why?  Major life decisions are so easy to fret over and should be decided upon with careful planning and pros & cons lists, right?!  Maybe instead of trying to think through decisions, I should get on my knees and go to the One who knows exactly how my life will pan out!  With lots of prayer, and even allowing other people to pray for me, I think my next major decision will be the right one!  God, thank you for guiding me but also allowing me to realize some things on my own- like the simple fact that I need you to guide me!  :) 

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