December 30, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 has been a very significant year!  Here is a review of 2011:

December 24, 2010: Found out we were expecting our first baby!

April: Traveled to LA for my VISTA training.  Rode in an airplane for the first time- and was 5 months pregnant!  :)

 May: Received my Monmouth College diploma!

June: Had the grand opening for Family Outreach Community Center.

June 18th: Kelsi was welcomed into our family as she married Randy!  Travis had a bit too much free beer at the reception.. ;)

June 24th: Stood by Alicia as she married her best friend!

Became licensed as an EMT-B. 

Made a complete first year scrapbook for Lucas.

Gutted two rooms in our house to prepare for Lucas.  Finished our living room in November and we're still working on Lucas' room. 

Went to Indianapolis to watch the last Haste the Day concert.  

Had our first baby, Lucas, on August 4th.

Lucas was a cow for Halloween.  Travis was a golfer off of CaddyShack and I was the cheerleader from SNL.  

Celebrated our 23rd birthdays.

January 1st, 2012: Travis, Ed, and the guys are going to watch the 49ers play in St. Louis.

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