September 13, 2012

Help Me Organize My Life!

Lately, I have been working long hours and I am feeling extra stress.  Juggling a toddler, husband, friends, a 50 hour work week, church commitments, keeping up with the house, and participating in all my other activities... It's all starting to take a toll on me both physically and mentally.  I need rest.  But I also need to get organized.  I think I could handle all of my life roles lots better if I had organizational tools to keep me on the right track.  My time management tools are working quite effectively; I have two google calendars, one for work and one for personal.  Both calendars are synced up with my phone and I do a great job of putting all of my activities and commitments into my phone!  :)  So that's one part of my life that is very well managed and I don't know what I would do without great time management tools!

A part of my life that isn't so well managed, however, is my home.  We have piles of clothes in the bathroom, in the dining room, by the bed, in the kitchen, in the fridge.. lol.  Just kidding about that last one.  But literally, our house is covered in clutter and junk and I'm getting fed up of coming home to a messy house!!  I'm not sure if it would work, but I feel like if I would just take the time to put the organizational tools in place, our home would run much more effectively and we would have no excuse to not keep it organized.  Right?! 

But I need help... I don't have much time, extra energy, or money to put into this effort.  But I know that you all are very creative, so I will start putting up pictures of my home in the coming posts and what I would like for you to do is give me suggestions on how to better manage that area.  Bookshelf, bathroom, nursery closet, upstairs storage rooms, tiny bedroom closets, tops of dressers, kitchen table, etc.  Help me, please!!! 

Stay posted...

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