October 28, 2012

Lucas' Surgery

Please pray for Lucas, as he will be going into surgery tomorrow morning to get his adenoids removed and to get ear tubes put in.  He has been struggling with ear infections; he's had five rounds of antibiotics in the past three months.  He has pain, a stuffy and runny nose, and is my little grumpy gills.  We have been battling this sickness for three months constantly and his pediatrician finally said he's had enough.  We visited with the ENT last week and she wanted to get him in quickly, since he had just finished a round of antibiotics and was as healthy as he has been in awhile.  Yay!  So here we are, looking at a 30 minute operation tomorrow.  Of course, as his mom, I am nervous and a bit anxious about my baby boy being operated on.  I know this is the right thing to do, though, as I don't want these infections to cause permanent damage to his hearing or balance. 

I keep reminding myself, as Lysa TerKeurst would say: "if this is the worst thing that happens today, it's still a good day."  Although this is a bump in his health, we are so blessed for all that we have!  He is alive, without major defects, active, and the most smiley toddler I've ever met.  We are so thankful to God that we have the good health that we have.  So, if this is the worst illness that Lucas has today, it's still a super great day!  :-) 

Please pray for a quick recovery for him!  Thanks friends! 

God bless,

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