January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

Travis and I got together this past week to write down our 2013 goals, both as a family and each individually.  It was a wonderful conversation with him and I'm excited to publish our goals.  Thank you for serving as my accountability throughout the year... When I blog about something, it seems like it's more likely to happen.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's because others now know and I don't want to let them down.  Maybe it's because when we write things down, it's harder to forget.  No matter the reason, I am excited to share our goals with you! 

Family Goals:
1)      Pay off Envoy, pay off medical bill, and save $1000 for emergency
2)      Buy a racecar and watch Travis race this season
3)      Finish fixing up bathroom and organize upstairs
4)      Buy a dining room table
5)      Visit Bonnie in Nashville
6)      Visit with an adoption specialist to start the process
7)      Make at least $2000 from Vinylicious
8)      Sign Lucas up for swimming lessons
9)      Travel to Indiana as a family
10)   Move Vinylicious items to upstairs office

Alicia's Goals:
1)      Pray more.  Study the Word more.  Grow closer to God.
2)      Listen to God and obey His instructions for my life.
3)      Express my love to Travis often, through touch and deeds. 
4)      Cherish my time with Lucas.  Take lots of pictures of him, in order to be able to remember how precious time is.  Snuggle with him often.  Let him be an adventurous boy. 
5)      Keep progressing… never stop moving forward! 
6)      Finish Lucas’ first year and second year scrapbook
7)      Keep my emotions in check.  Remember “if this is the worst thing that happens today, it’s still a pretty good day!” 
8)      Be a great friend to Danielle.  Spend time with her at least a couple times a month.
9)      Organize and deep clean our house, especially upstairs
10)   Read one book a month
11)   Keep encouraging others through my smile!  Enjoy life and laugh often! 

Travis' Goals:
1)      Finish the racecar by car show
2)      Win rookie of year at Avon Racetrack
3)      Get a raise at work
4)      Organize the garage
5)      Finish Rich’s Mustang by April
6)      Talk to Schaley’s about the Auto Body shop
7)      Vinyl 3 racecars
8)      Buy and install garage door and get a door ramp
9)      Teach Lucas to drive something
10)    Plan Lucas a Daddy-and-me day
11)    Plan a romantic evening for our anniversary

Lucas' Goals:
1)      Start potty training
2)      Start financial peace junior and chores
3)      Say family members’ names
4)      Learn colors
5)      Count to 5
6)      Know all of his body parts
7)      Clean up toys each night
8)      Go to dentist
9)      Start working on ABC’s
10)    Go to the races often with Mommy

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