August 11, 2013

Updated Bucket List

I went back on my previous bucket list and updated my desires before I "kick the bucket,"  God willing.  The ones crossed out are complete.  I hope you enjoy reading.
  1. Marry my best friend
  2. Have a child
  3. Buy a house
  4. Jump in puddles with Lucas
  5. Attend a Christian Conference
  6. Get a pedicure
  7. Go to a 49ers game
  8. Play an ultimate prank on Ed
  9. Dance in the rain
  10. Start a non-profit organization
  11. Do karaoke
  12. Fly on an airplane
  13. Adopt a dog
  14. Lead someone to Christ
  15. Go to Dollywood
  16. Write a book
  17. Adopt a child
  18. Rekindle a lost friendship
  19. Be debt free
  20. Write a thank you to a teacher
  21. Construct a family tree
  22. Write a letter to everyone I love
  23. Go to a professional race
  24. Go camping with mom
  25. Go on a mission trip to Haiti
  26. See Aerosmith in concert
  27. Weight 150 pounds
  28. Do a wine tasting
  29. Donate over $500 at once
  30. Drive a racecar
  31. Swim in the ocean
  32. Donate my hair
  33. Host a costume party
  34. Have a tarot card reading
  35. Swim with dolphins
  36. Pay mom back for everything
  37. Get Lasik eye surgery
  38. Plant a tree
  39. Visit Sanju in Nepal
  40. Go on a zip-line
  41. Meet Dolly Parton
  42. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
  43. Go to Disneyland
  44. Visit a chocolate factory
  45. Swim in a pool of ramen noodles
  46. Visit the Holy Land
  47. Celebrate 4th of July in DC
  48. Ride in a hot air balloon
  49. Watch the northern lights in Alaska
  50. Forgive my dad
  51. Make a scrapbook of my life
  52. Plan a family reunion
  53. Make homemade ice cream
  54. Start a collection
  55. Graffiti something
  56. Take a road trip with a group of girlfriends
  57. Go snowboarding
  58. March in a parade for a cause
  59. Go skinny dipping
  60. Have a pen pal
  61. Volunteer in a VA clinic
  62. Give 3 gallons of blood
  63. See my grandkids graduate from college
  64. Build a sand castle
  65. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
  66. Receive my Master’s Degree
  67. Have a complete address book
  68. Send out Christmas cards to my whole address book
  69. Ride an elephant
  70. Be in the audience of SNL
  71. Play on a Slip N Slide
  72. Ride a horse
  73. Fast for 30 hours
  74. Watch the whole X-Men trilogy in a weekend
  75. See a Broadway musical
  76. Get a mom/daughter tattoo
  77. Take dance lessons
  78. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  79. Eat a hotdog from a street cart
  80. Give mom a dozen roses
  81. Send a message in a bottle
  82. Visit a crayon factory
  83. Sit on a jury
  84. Take a mud bath
  85. Ride in a gondola
  86. Sleep under the stars
  87. Test drive a car I can’t afford
  88. Have a huge food fight
  89. Spend the whole day in bed
  90. See bagpipers in Scotland
  91. Visit a museum
  92. Ride the biggest roller coaster at the theme park
  93. Have a dress-up tea party
  94. Sit on a rooftop and watch clouds form shapes
  95. Visit a prison
  96. Organize “Angel Tree for Elderly”
  97. Pray continually, love people too much, smile always, and love Jesus passionately!

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