June 9, 2014

No More Chemo!

For those of you following my adventures with brain cancer, I come to you this week with exciting news!  On Monday, June 2nd I went to Iowa City for my monthly trip, expecting to be placed back on another round of chemo.  I had my MRI and it showed no growth or change!  Good stuff!

The doctor chuckled as Mom and I snapped pictures of the brain scan on the computer screen:

In meeting with Dr. Carlisle, my Oncologist, he stated that May's chemo session was my 12th monthly dose of chemo (on top of the daily chemo for 7 weeks)!  He said that research doesn't clearly indicate or support that continuing chemo for more than 12 months assists any in keeping the cancer away.  Therefore, his suggestion was to discontinue taking it and follow up every 3 months for an MRI!  I was overjoyed at this news, due to each session of chemo affecting my body in more intense ways each month; nausea, weakness, fatigue, and constipation.

So, please join with me as I celebrate kicking cancer's booty!  To me, this marks the end of my battle with cancer and now we need to continue praying for it to stay away!  As I have said all along, God is bigger than cancer and I know that your prayers on my behalf are why I'm doing so well!!  Thank you for surrounding me with God's hedge of protection this past year!!

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