February 4, 2011

Baby Names

So Aunt Mo has been on this baby naming kick- giving us lists and lists of names that she likes!  Funny!  Here is her most recent list:

Gareth -  Gentle
Rhett -  Fiery
Rainer -  Strong counselor
Derek -  Gifted
Nolan -  Noble
Asher -  Happiness

Emary -  Brave
Meenah -  Love
Nahla -  Gift

She SO cracks me up!  I only like one name on that list and it's not even on our top names list.  She's trying, though!  :)  And since we won't be telling anyone the name of our little miracle until after he/she is born, everyone will be waiting a little while.  haha  I love the support and love everyone is showing us, though! 

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