May 24, 2011

Nerves at 26 Weeks

It's amazing that we only have a little over 13 weeks until our little man is due!  I am getting nervous about not having much yet.  The baby shower is set for July 9 and I will hopefully get many necessary items, like the car seat, stroller, crib, diapers, and other important items!  I'm more worried about not having the nursery done before Lucas arrives.  Although I know that he will be sleeping in our room for awhile after he's born and won't care if it's not done right away, I think it just stresses me out that we are pushing it so close to his arrival.  I know, however, that Trav has been working diligently on getting it ready.  I'm SO proud of him for how hard he has been working!  I love my hubby!  :)  I think I may just be 'nesting' or whatever it is called.. working hard so that everything is ready for Lucas to arrive.  Although I know it's just silly, I fear for early arrival, hoping that he goes full-term.  Today, I had my blood glucose test.  I had to drink a syrupy fruit punch drink and get my blood drawn an hour later.  My results should get back tomorrow.  I'm nervous about the results since diabetes runs in our families and Mom had gestational diabetes.  But I know that we will be fine no matter the results.  Our safety is in God's hands and I need to learn to trust Him to provide for and protect little Lucas.  Please pray for my ability to remain relaxed and stress-free over the next few weeks!

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