May 19, 2011

Monmouth College, How I Love Thee

 The Monmouth College emblem during baccalaureate looked so beautiful.  The organist played so wonderfully and I cannot describe to you the amazing atmosphere throughout the service.  Monmouth College has meant so much to me over the past few years and I am thankful for all the professors and staff that have helped me develop into the woman I am today. 

 Walking across the stage and shaking President Ditzler's hand was a very exciting moment for me.  Chris Johnson, our registrar behind me, said that Lucas graduated first though since he is in front of me!  :) 

Me and my proud hubby!  Thank you Travis for always encouraging me and pushing me to get my homework done!  :)  PS.. He's smiling in this picture only because I'm grabbing his butt!  Haha!

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