July 26, 2011

Let God Be God

"To lack faith is to give into one's desire for control." -James S. Spiegal

This week in Sunday School, we were given one line to focus on this week- Let God Be God.  I thought about this very quickly on Sunday and moved along, not thinking twice about it.  Yesterday during my devotional and prayer time, I became aware of what this means in my life right now.  Simply put, God is in control.  I, however, must be willing to surrender every aspect of my life over to Him.  It's easy for me to give some things over to Him- things that aren't big and don't matter all that much.  However, the big things like our finances, Lucas, our marriage, and my health are things that are just hard to stop worrying about.  Psalm 142:2,3 says that is is You who knows my way.  I see this little sliver of my life- today, tomorrow, even maybe a few months or a year down the road.  But God sees my whole life, laid out and planned for me.  He knows how everything will work out.  So why do I find it so hard to rely on Him to direct my path?  Why can't I simply trust that he will show me where I need to go and what I need to do?  Maybe it's because discernment is not my best forte; maybe it's because I'm too impatient; maybe it's because I think I can handle it myself.  That is, I can handle it myself until life starts going crazy and whirls out of control.  Then, like a puppy dog with my tail between my legs, I come back to God and realize that I really do need Him to direct me.

Today, I commit to stepping back and allowing God to work in my life.  I'm going to Let God Be God. 

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