July 20, 2012

Dear Lucas,

To my precious baby boy; I hope you never forget how much your Mommy loves and cherishes you.  The day you were born was full of excitement and joy and an overwheming sense of love for you. Over the past year, I have seen you grow and develop into a curious and happy toddler.  I love your sense of adventure and pray that you hold onto this throughout your life.  Mommy wants you to learn about the world and see how other people live.  Yesterday, your daycare called me at work to say you were sick and someone needed to come get you.  I jumped right in the car and swooped you into my arms.  I will never forget the joy I felt as you snuggled into me in the waiting room and on the couch.  Turns out, you have double ear and a throat infection.  I'm sorry I didn't take you to see Dr. Larson sooner.  You must have a real high pain tolerance like  your Daddy, because I would have been more grumpy if it was me.  Nope, not you!  You're always smiling and silly, even this morning when Grandma Sharon came through the door to watch you- you brought out that big smile.  So precious!  Lucas, I just want to remind you how passionately I love you.  Never forget it!  I know in the future you will push my buttons, cause many sleepless nights and more drama than I ever could imagine, and bring tears to my eyes because of hurt words; But there is nothing you can ever do that will cause me to stop loving you.  As I grow old and possibly start to forget you, remember that you will always be my precious baby.  Forgive me when I fail you as a parent, because I'm sure there will be moments when I'm inconsistent, crabby, or impatient.  I will try my hardest to be the best example possible for you.  I love you dear Lucas. 
Love always,

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