July 16, 2012


My second week on the job requires me to attend a two-day training in Des Moines for new staff orientation.  Today, I woke up around 5:30 to get ready, drop Lucas off with Grandma Sharon, and drive to Des Moines.  I make it here without any problems and even 10 minutes early.  I had a wonderful time learning more about my new position.  I am so excited by the variety and intensity of my tasks!  This week, my boss is taking paid-time-off and therefore when I get back to the office, I will finish the week out by myself.  My goal for this week is to recruit at least 5 Walk teams!  I have my list made of team captains to call and now I just have to put aside time to call them.  I will dive in head first on Wednesday morning!

Tomorrow, I will finish up orientation here in Des Moines and go home to see my guys... I sure am missing them tonight!!  This is really the first time I have been away from Lucas for more than 24 hours.  I know he is being well taken care of though.. Mom and Grandma took him to the circus after daycare.  I bet he had a blast!  :)  And his Daddy will get him to bed and up for his day tomorrow.  It sure will be nice to give him big hugs tomorrow night though! 

I am also expecting a big phone call tomorrow at 1:00!  Dave Ramsey will be calling me to interview me on our experience with Financial Peace University!  Yay!  I'm not sure if it will be live or recorded to air later, but I am super excited to have the opportunity to be an example for other young people! 

Anyways, I have a big day tomorrow and I'm ready for bed (yes.. at 9:00).  Have a wonderful week friends!  God bless,

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