July 13, 2012

A Week to Remember

Today wraps up my first week as a Program & Events Coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association.  It was a wonderful week, to say the least.  I have completed a great deal of training on what Alzheimer's Disease is, what research is currently being completed in order to add to our knowledge of this disease, and how the Alzheimer's Association makes a difference in lives of millions of caregivers and person's with dementia around the world!  I won't go into details right now, but if you are interested in learning more visit our website

I am very blessed to have found this position!  My boss is fabulous; she is a Christian and we have a deep connection based on this alone.  We openly talk about our churches, faith, and prayer lives.  We also discovered that we have both completed Financial Peace University, which brings us closer together also.  She is a powerful and dynamic woman of God and I am super excited to have her as an example and mentor! 

With this new position also came the day I have been dreading since giving birth to Lucas... the start of daycare. After careful planning and a great deal of prayer, I dropped Lucas off on Monday and not one tear was shed.  That is, until about two hours into the day when he realized that his Mama was missing.  The teacher said that he was quickly distracted, though, so I didn't worry too much.  While dropping him off on day two (Tuesday), he immediately knew what was happening as soon as I handed him across the half-door to his aid.  Mommy shed a few tears on her way to work that day!  Seeing him like that absolutely broke my heart.  On Tuesday when I picked him up, and the next day also, I noticed that he was in the baby swing hanging from the ceiling.  My son is 11 1/2 months, mind you.  I was sort of bothered by this and became even more heated when the aid told me that he had a good day and only threw two tantrums.  I questioned how often he threw tantrums and she said that he had been very unhappy throughout the whole week. Now, if you know my child he is the happiest baby you will ever meet.  He only gets unhappy for a very few moments- when he is tired, when he is hungry, when he is bored, or when Daddy tells him no.  Lucas simply never throws fits!  And this is not just me being a biased mom; he truly is a well mannered baby and anyone that knows him would attest to that.  Wednesday night, after venting to my Mom, Travis, Danielle, and Ashley about the situation, I decided that I needed to speak to his teacher about this in order to get it taken care of.  Well, Sarah was not in yet, as she comes in most days right at 8:00am, but the Director of the whole daycare was back from her vacation and was willing to talk.  She could tell immediately that I was upset.  I spoke sternly to her about my issues with his activity, naps, food, and the attitude of one of her staff members.  She agreed with many of my points, admitted that she had been gone and would talk to his teacher about the issues, and would get to the bottom of it.  She also assured me that in August, he would be able to start in the 1-2 year old room, where they have more schedule in their day.  Well to make a long story short, when I picked Lucas up on Thursday evening, I peeked in the window and he was on the floor playing and laughing with his teacher and peers!  :) Yay!  I hate to be 'that Mom,' but standing up and being your child's advocate is why God called us to be Moms in the first place!  I am glad that his daycare is so willing to listen to parents' concerns and check into issues! 

To wrap up our week, Travis received a call from a local body shop known for their good work that he had applied at and had an interview with last month.  They loved his honest cover letter so much that they told him on the spot that they wanted to get him in there.  On Thursday night, he had a second interview and they offered him $3 more per hour and full benefits to be their new body technician.  What makes this position even better is that the shop is right across the street from my new job!!  :)  Woohoo!  God really knows what he's doing, huh?! 

Our week has definitely been one to remember!  Thank you all for your prayers through this transition time.  We are grateful for such wonderful family and friends! 
God bless,

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