February 7, 2011

Chicago Here I Come!

I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for a work training conference.  And let me tell you what- this country girl is a bit scared of heading to the big city by myself!  I'm taking the train to Union Station and then have to get to my hotel that's a few miles away.  That means I have to get there by cab.  I've never rode in a cab before- is it really like you see in the movies where you flag them down?  How much does a cab ride even cost?!  :)  I'm sure this is really making me look ridiculous!  haha 

I'm really excited about this trip for a couple reasons.  First, I get to take the train!  I LOVE train rides- they put me to sleep!  And I get to read on the train, which is a luxury that I rarely have time to do.  Second, I get to explore a city I have never been in by myself.  Although intimidating and scary, I am looking forward to ordering in a real Chicago pizza and watching TV in a room all to myself!  Weird, I know, but some alone time will be nice.  (Sorry, hunny!)  I'm sure he will enjoy his alone time, also!  However, I am going to really miss my Daisy and the comforts of home.  I love the feeling of returning home after a short time away- it really makes me appreciate what I have all the more! 

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  1. Here is everything you need to know about cabs:

    Yes you do have to flag them down. When you see one coming, stand on the side of the street and put your arm out. If it's free, it will stop! They take credit/debit cards as well as cash, and for a trip that's a few miles it'll probably cost about $10 with tip. :) Just make sure you know the cross streets of the hotel and you'll be fine!

    I'm moving to Chicago tomorrow!