February 11, 2011

My Chicago Experience

I arrived back to my little home at around 9:30 last night.  Travis and I talked about my many experiences as he helped me unpack my bags.  These are just a few of the high points of my trip to Chicago:

1) I walked out of Union Station and had to make the short trip to my hotel.  Because of advice from a dear friend, I was able to flag down a cab and make the trip!  Yay!  I felt like such a big girl!  In case you're wondering- this was my first cab ride.

2) I am one of 8 people in the state of Illinois who are Master Trainers in Matter of Balance, an evidence based falls prevention program!  I am proud of this and fully believe in the program's goals and curriculum!  I am excited to teach my first class and to train coaches to teach this program to seniors. 

3) An amish family sat on the train near me and it reminded me of the love of family and that this world still has.  I love watching how amish interact with one another and how respectful they are. 

4) I ordered room service for the first time!  Growing up, I did not have many experiences with traveling and staying in big hotels.  Therefore, I thought that room service was just something that happened in the movies and on the TV.  When Travis and I first started dating, his family pointed out that room service is a real service in hotels.  :)  Therefore, I decided to try it out- I ordered a $13 breakfast and a foreign lady delivered it right to my room!  The most expensive piece of toast and bowl of cereal I have ever had, but it was worth it! 

5) Two close friends from college took me out to eat!  It wasn't so much about the food (because I didn't end up even eating the meal I ordered) but about being able to catch up with them!  Thanks girls! 

6) I rode the L-train or Metra or whatever it's called in Chicago.  I rode it clear around the loop and looked up at the huge skyscrapers in awe.  It was facinating, intimidating, and scary all at once.  I saw all kinds of people while riding around town and it was really hard not to people watch!  :) 

7) I can never quite describe the feeling that I get when I'm nearing home after being gone for an extended period of time.  I appreciate even more the small, rural area that I live in after being in such a huge, busy city.  Although fun to explore and travel to, Chicago (and most big cities for that matter) is not a place that I would want to raise a family or make a home.  It seems like people don't have the time to slow down and appreciate the small things or to even be kind to another person- they are on a mission and disregard those who get in their path.  I'm not meaning to criticize people who live in big cities or look down upon city-dwellers.  Instead, my only goal is to remind myself how wonderful my own life is- here in the rural midwest- where pigs stink, blizzards happen, and community is key to happiness.

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  1. I'm SO glad we got to see each other! You're welcome to visit anytime. I hope you have a fantastic week and I look forward to news about your sonogram!