February 13, 2011


I am feeling very emotional and even a bit sad tonight.  :(  Although this has been the prettiest day of the year so far and the sun has been beautiful, I cannot bring myself to enjoy the evening.  This morning was great and after church Travis and I went to lunch and shopping with the family, but on the way home I started feeling tired and emotional.  I even picked a fight with him when we got home.  Any suggestions on how to cheer up?  I'm sure the pregnancy hormones are causing a great deal of these emotions, however, I wish I could improve my mood.  I'm not really feeling very 'valentinesy' either... I always expect him to express his emotions and feelings about things, especially around valentines day.  But I must remember that he is a man of few words and expresses his words through actions.  :)  I'm praying tonight that God gives me encouragement and a positive attitude as I go into this week!  We have a big week ahead of us- Tuesday is our first sonogram!  I will be sure to keep you posted!

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