February 16, 2011

Introducing Baby Pence...

This is our first visual of our little person!  His head is on the left and his little hand is lifted up right above his head (probably waving at us).  Then you can see his little belly and then his legs and feet, which are crossed like he's just hanging out.  And yes- I have official started calling our little person a 'he' because that is what Travis and I think it is and want it to be.  It was so amazing to see him kicking and punching inside of me!  He was squirming around like he's having a good time!  Trav, of course, says that he's just learning to shift a car... I don't know about that!  :)  It was also cool to hear the heartbeat.  I teared up hearing those little girgle sounds that our child's heart is already making.  It was absolutely amazing!  And to see Trav's curiousity and amazement made the whole experience even better!  I had tears trickling down my face by the end of the appointment!  Our ultrasound lady said that our little baby is absolutely perfect and we will be able to tell the gender at our 20 week ultrasound.  This sonogram discovered that we have a different due date than originally predicted- now it is set at August 26, 2011 which is only 5 days earlier than our original date.  This means that we are 12 weeks and 5 days!  :)  So cool!  I cannot wait to see our little person again in 7 weeks! 

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