November 18, 2011

Annual Christmas Walk

Tonight is our towns' annual Christmas walk!  This community event is one of the many that I rarely miss!  What seems like the whole town comes out to the corner of Broadway and Main, sampling tasty treats, visiting community businesses, and mingling with each other.  The town leaders have been actively working to get the decorations set up, preparing for Mr. and Mrs. Clause's arrival, and getting businesses in the business district involved.  Family Outreach Community Center is having a booth- we will be handing out our brochures, hot cider, and fresh doughnut holes. We also entered a tree into the Tree of Lights competition.  I will try to post a picture of it later.

This year, our family will take a new part in this celebration, however.  Due to it being our town's 125th Anniversary, we are having a few skits and extra events happening.  In the birth of our Savior skit, Travis will be acting as Joseph, I will take the role of Mary, and our little man will be acting as Jesus.  :)  How fun!  It took a bribe to get Travis on board, but I am so proud to take part in this community tradition in such a way! 

Community bondedness is SO important in a small community like ours.  Without knowing each other and feeling bonded with those living around you, trust and security cannot take place.  Our country needs more small, bonded communities like mine and the world would be a much better place! 

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