November 18, 2011

My 2011 Christmas Wish List

So what girl doesn't have a list of items that they wish for?  Here are a few items that I have been fantasizing over lately!  Travis.. take notes!  ;) 

1. Black and Brown Flats
2. Lasix Eye Surgery or Contacts, instead of my glasses.. Lucas is starting to get grabby!
3. Black Winter Boots
4. A Few Pairs of Jeans- I only fit into 3 pairs right now!
5. Plaid Blanket.. Go Scots!
6. Kitchen Pantry Shelving
7. Flip Camcorder
8. Subscription to 'Parenting Early Years,' 'Family Fun,' and 'All You.'  I'm such a mom!  :)
9. Ticket to Ride Board Game
10. New headboard for our bed
11. Black Watch
12. New front door and screen door.. lame.
13. Black Pencil Skirt
14. Totes to organize upstairs junk
15. New underwear, bras, and socks!  Doesn't everyone need these for Christmas?! 

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