January 15, 2012

5 Things I'm Good At

In continuation of my skills assessment where I previously took a look at my weaknesses, today i will reflect on a few of my positive attributes:

5. Finding stuff online.  Random.  I know.  But I can find absolutely anything online.  Of course Pinterest makes that even easier now!  : )
4. Being a wife and mommy... I enjoy pleasing my hubby by sending small notes of appreciation and being silly with him.  I love helping Lucas explore this big world and learn new skills.  I work hard to be a good wife and mom! 
3. Motivating and encouraging others. I have came to realize that oftentimes, all people need to encourage and motivate them is a smile and a few positive words.
2. Public speaking.  I enjoy getting in front of big groups of people and speaking to them. Whether a sermon or information about FOCC, I simply enjoy engaging people in this way!
1. Seeing and meeting other people's needs.  Whether it be Lucas, Travis, friends, or strangers, God has blessed me with the ability to sense people's needs and the compassion to work hard to meet those needs and help them realize their full potential.

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