January 8, 2012

Our Accomplished Sunday

Travis woke up this morning and excitedly said that we needed to accomplish four things today.. Weird!  :)  I happily went along with it and asked what our goals for the day were.

1) Take down the Christmas tree and decorations
2) Wash the bottles
3) Wash the dishes
4) Watch a movie

After our very productive VBS meeting today after Sunday School, we decided to go to town to get some storage totes for our Christmas stuff.  When we got home, we took down the tree and organized the Christmas stuff.  Woohoo!  Goal 1 done!  :)  We then watched our Sky VBS Decorating DVD that we got at our meeting.  Goal 4 done!  I don't think that's quite the kind of movie he meant, but oh well!  We talked about the church decorating, make a supply list, and then I washed the bottles and dishes.  Goals 2 & 3 done!  Yay!  That's all folks!  And Trav even got our I-pod dock out of the box and programmed Klove into it.. what a fabulous hubby! I would say our weekend was a success!  Great start to a busy week! 

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