January 9, 2012

In His Diaper Bag..

Here are a list of items in Lucas' diaper bag.  I would love to see what other moms stuff into their diaper bags!  Let the sharing begin!  :)

Infants Tylenol
Saline spray
Mommy's Ibuprofen
2 Thermometers- Underarm and Pacifier
2 Soothie Pacifiers
Baby nail trimmers
3 rattles
Diaper rash cream
Safety q-tips
Baby powder, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, and antibac in a ziploc baggie
Mesh teether
Wrist rattles
Change of clothes- onsie, pants, socks
Bib and spit rag
Comb (Never used it.. )
Gentlease formula
Bottled water
Playtex VentAire Advanced bottle
At least 6 diapers
Changing pad

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