January 9, 2012

Organize 2012... Laundry Room

"Organize 2012" is one of my many goals for 2012.  Travis and I will be organizing different parts of our house throughout the year, including our laundry room, pantry, mail, and bathroom closet.  We started with our laundry room.  Following, you will see our before and after pictures from our laundry room and clothing organization.  Although we're not completely done, we have been making great progress towards keeping our clothes organized!  :)

BEFORE: Corner of the laundry room.  We had a tower of towels!  : (

AFTER: Our corner is revived!  Looks SO much better!

BEFORE: Our laundry room was messy, disorganized, and not very functional. 

AFTER: Our laundry room is clean and organized!  Each color/kind of clothes has their own basket!  I will post some of the signs I made with my cricut later!  For Christmas, my Mom bought us two laundry contraptions (seen in the pictures).  They are absolutely WONDERFUL!!  She bought them for around $35 at Walmart.

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