January 16, 2012

Dad and Son

Travis and I are participating in a group Bible study- The 5 Love Languages of Children.  Last night, we had our study and although I am glad we are taking the course, I feel like it is just proving that being a parent is hard work and we can easily screw up our children. ;)  Last night, we talked a great deal about the importance of a present dad.  Dads are called by God to be the spiritual leader in their household, be positive examples for their children {especially their sons}, and to speak their children's love language.  I was blown away by Travis last night, as he spoke up quite a few times last night during the study to give examples and to voice his opinion.  I am so thankful that God put him in my life.  He is growing and maturing each day and it is so wonderful to hear him speak on parenting issues.  He is such an extremely amazing dad and I know this skill will only deepen as Lucas gets older.  He knows the importance of him being active in Lucas' childhood and I am so excited to see him wrestle with Lucas on the living room floor, take him to races and teach him how to fix cars, and guide him into a successful adulthood.  I am so proud that I am his wife and that he is Lucas' dad.  He's a wonderful husband but an even better father! 

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