December 6, 2010

All in God's Timing

Tonight Travis and I were putting our Christmas ornaments on the tree when he made the comment, "maybe next year, there will be three of us putting ornaments on the tree."  All I could do was smile and appreciate the comment. 

People think we were crazy for getting married at such a young age, let alone having children at 22.  However, we both feel that the time is right to start having children; that is, whenever God blesses us with this miracle.  We have discussed this in great detail and although some critics may not be pleased, we feel that God will soften their hearts when it is His time.  I had been on birth control for many years, due to terrible female issues, but a couple months ago we decided to stop taking them and allow God to work.  When I told my mom this, of course she was shocked and I could see her hesitation.  I believe most of her hesitation is in the fact that I am still looking for a full-time position, which I am also allowing to happen in God's timing.  She will be thrilled when it actually happens, though.  Let's pray that God blesses us with this wonderful gift soon.  :)

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