December 6, 2010

Bucket List

Here is my list of things I would like to do before I 'kick the bucket.'
  1. Marry my best friend
  2. Have a child
  3. Receive my Master’s Degree
  4. Buy a house
  5. Construct a family tree
  6. Write a letter to everyone I love
  7. Go camping with mom
  8. Go on a mission trip to Haiti
  9. Lead someone to Christ
  10. See Aerosmith in concert
  11. Weight 150 pounds
  12. Do a wine tasting
  13. Attend the Olympics
  14. Donate over $500 at once
  15. Donate my hair
  16. Adopt a child
  17. Attend a Christian Conference
  18. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  19. See bagpipers in Scotland
  20. Host a costume party
  21. Have a tarot card reading
  22. Swim with dolphins
  23. Drive a racecar
  24. Go to Dollywood
  25. Pay mom back for everything
  26. Go to a NASCAR race
  27. Get a pedicure
  28. Get Lasik eye surgery
  29. Visit a crayon factory
  30. Plant a tree
  31. Visit Sanju in Nepal
  32. Fly on an airplane
  33. Swim in the ocean
  34. Go on a zip-line
  35. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
  36. Go to Disneyland
  37. Visit a chocolate factory
  38. Swim in a pool of ramen noodles
  39. Start a non-profit organization
  40. Visit the Holy Land
  41. Celebrate 4th of July in DC
  42. Ride in a hot air balloon
  43. Watch the northern lights in Alaska
  44. Forgive my dad
  45. Visit Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  46. Make a scrapbook of my life
  47. Plan a family reunion
  48. Make homemade ice cream
  49. Start a collection
  50. Adopt a dog
  51. Graffiti something
  52. Take a road trip with a group of girlfriends
  53. Go snowboarding
  54. March in a parade for a cause
  55. Visit an old castle
  56. Go skinny dipping
  57. Have a pen pal
  58. Volunteer in a VA clinic
  59. Go to a 49ers game
  60. Give 3 gallons of blood
  61. See my grandkids graduate from college
  62. Rekindle a lost friendship
  63. Write a thank you to a teacher
  64. Build a sand castle
  65. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
  66. Send out Christmas cards to my whole address book
  67. Be debt free
  68. Ride an elephant
  69. Be in the audience of SNL
  70. Play on a Slip N Slide
  71. Ride a horse
  72. Fast for 30 hours
  73. Watch the whole X-Men trilogy in a weekend
  74. See a Broadway musical
  75. Get a mom/daughter tattoo
  76. Take dance lessons
  77. Dance in the rain
  78. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  79. Eat a hotdog from a street cart
  80. Give mom a dozen roses
  81. Send a message in a bottle
  82. Sit on a jury
  83. Do karaoke
  84. Take a mud bath
  85. Ride in a gondola
  86. Sleep under the stars
  87. Test drive a car I can’t afford
  88. Play an ultimate prank on Ed
  89. Have a huge food fight
  90. Spend the whole day in bed
  91. Visit a museum
  92. Ride the biggest roller coaster at the theme park
  93. Have a dress-up tea party
  94. Sit on a rooftop and watch clouds form shapes
  95. Visit a prison
  96. Organize “Angel Tree for Elderly”
  97. Write to Dolly Parton
  98. Cry when I’m sad, smile when I’m happy, yell when I’m angry, and tell people when I love them!

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