December 8, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Christmas. It's all about songs, food, snow, and family.  Or is it?  The true meaning of Christmas is what lies in the hearts of every Christian- Christ.  I've heard it said that people are more giving around Christmas time.  Does that mean that snow and food and songs bring this out in us?  To be a Christian means to be 'like-Christ.'  Christ gave.  He gave to everybody who came into contact with him-healing, inspiration, prayer.  Christ gave his life.  During this Christmas time, we feel the need to give, because of his example.  We are again made aware of how much we owe to him.  Are we as giving during this holiday time as Christ calls us to be all year long?  We, as Christians, need to step up and give like Christ gave even when it's not Christmas time! Be compassionate, forgiving, and loving all year long.   

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