December 23, 2010

Next Chapter

I interviewed at Western Illinois Area Agency on Aging (WIAAA) last Friday for their Program Coordinator position and I felt really good afterwards.  I was excited about working with agencies and helping them fund their programs in such a way.  Well, on Tuesday they called me and offered me the position!  They weren't planning on doing so until after the first of the year, but they said they were excited about having me!  :)  Although it is a long drive each day to Rock Island and it's more administrative than direct care, but I am actually really excited about this next chapter in my life! 

Christmas is just two short days away!  I'm not so sure where this year went, but I am excited for our five- yes, FIVE- Christmases!  Please pray that it's not too insane and that I remain calm and relaxed.  Sometimes I get anxious and uptight during exciting times.  Also, with snow coming, pray for everyone's safety in their traveling to and from.  God bless!

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