December 27, 2010

And then there were three

Travis and I found out on Thursday, December 23rd that we are expecting!  I felt weird for a few days and just knew something was different.  I was only two days late when I took the home pregnancy test and when it came back positive I was actually pleasantly surprised!  The doctor said that we are due around August 30, 2011.  We are very excited and cannot wait to have our precious baby!  Although I have been somewhat sick, I feel proud to be growing a little tiny baby within me and this makes all of the sick feelings worthwhile.  I just cannot wait until we get past the first three months because like most pregnant women, I am nervous about my first pregnancy and having a healthy baby.  I'm praying that God will bless this child and keep him/her safe.  I am glad that God has blessed our marriage in such an awesome way!

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